Body fat percentage calculator

Body fat percentage calculator

It is an electronic device that is used to measure the percentage of fat in your body. 
Using a body fat percentage calculator gives you an easy method to calculate the amount of fat contained in your body. 

Knowing body fat will help you maintain your fitness by reducing the exact amount of fat that you wish for.

We will provide you all the standards with which you can easily compare your body fat and hence giving you some helpful ideas on how to maintain your body to become fat to fit.

Before going any further detail it is important to discuss 'what is body fat'.

What is Body fat:

Body fat is the complex form of fatty acid which is used as energy storage in our body. 

In general, fat is an essential constituent of our body. Our body consists of three macronutrient particles named as protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

You have probably been thinking that if it is essential for our body then why we need to worry about it?. It is. 

You have heard the fact that 'Nothing is best if they are not in limit'. It is also related to the fat term. A specific amount of fat is good for our body but when the amount exceeded it is way more dangerous for our body.

So far we have discussed fat, now, let us discuss 'what is body fat percentage'.

Body fat percentage:

Body fat percentage is defined as the mass of fat in the body divided by the total mass of the body multiplied by 100.

In other words, it is the percentage of fat contained in your body out of your total body mass.

For calculating Body fat percentage, we use a body fat percentage calculator. you have to measure your height, neck girth, waist, and hip size with the help of measuring tape. 

Here you can calculate your Body fat percentage 

Fat Percentage Calculator

Measuring System
Height (Cms)
Neck Girth (Cms)
Waist (Cms)
Hips (Cms)
Your Body Fat
Body Fat Category
Calculations are as per US Navy Formula

Analysis of Body fat percentage value:

category women(fat %) men(fat %)
essential 10-13 3-5
athletes 13-21 6-14
gym guys 21-25 14-18
acceptable 25-32 18-25
obese 32+ 25+

Warning: "The excess of body fat percentage is harmful and can be deadly. The maximum body fat percentage for women is 32% and for men, it is 25%."

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