Weight loss percentage calculator

Are you looking for weight loss ?. Maybe you are going through some strict diet along with some gut-wrenching exercises to lose your weight and looking for 'how much weight did I lose?'. well, the weight loss percentage calculator may help you to measure how much weight you have lost by analyzing your present weight with your initial weight.

Weight loss percentage calculator

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Knowing Weight loss
'What is the actual meaning of weight loss?'

Weight loss is generally related to the condition when our body started losing actual fat (mass). This is true but not totally. The actual meaning of weight loss is the reduction of unuseful body mass while fulfilling all the requirements of vitamins and minerals for the body.

So far, we have discussed the meaning of weight loss but the question is 'How to calculate weight loss?'

How to calculate weight loss
There are two methods to calculate your weight loss:

  1. By using the Weight loss percentage calculator
  2. By manually calculating weight loss using weight loss percentage formula.

An electronic calculator may not be a pocket-friendly product for you that is why we are providing you a free tool to check your weight loss percentage (check it on the top of the article).

Manually calculating weight loss percentage

One can easily calculate the weight loss percentage of their body by using a weight loss percentage formula.

Weight loss percentage formula:

Weight loss % =  {(current weight/starting weight)-1}*100.

analysis of the result:

If the weight loss percentage value comes negative(-), it means you are losing your weight.

If the weight loss percentage value comes positive(+),  it means you have gained some extra weight.

Healthy weight loss percentage

There is no specific value of healthy weight loss percentage. This totally depends on an individual's body weight. 

For example:

If a person has a bodyweight of 110 kg(approx 242 lbs) and body weight loss percentage value is 10%, it means there is an 11 kg of weight loss. This value of weight loss is good for that person and they are on the way to be healthy.

On the other hand, if a person2 has a bodyweight of 80 kg(176 lbs) and body weight loss percentage value is 10%, it means there is an 8 kg of weight loss. The person is a healthy one.

As we told you, there is no specific value of weight loss percentage. The value is changed from person to person.

A very regular question arises in everyone's mind, How much weight did I lose?

Bodyweight percentage chart

 Category Men(%) Women(%)
 Essential 2-5 10-13
 Athletes 6-13 14-20
 Fitness 14-17 21-24
 Average18-24 25-31
 Obese 25+ 32+

How much weight did I lose

Well, after taking to much effort on losing your weight you surely want to know 'how much weight did I lose?'

just check your present weight compared with initial weight in the weight loss percentage calculator. If the value comes out to be negative it means you had loss weight and vice versa.

Conclusion of knowing Weight loss value

In this modern world, we are always busy in doing kinds of stuff other than maintaining our fitness. But, it is to believe that nothing can give you happiness if you are not fit. Just think that you have everything but you are not even healthy to enjoy life, will it be good? No. there is a big No-No. Everyone should fit to be happy.

'We hope this article will be helpful for you'.

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